Where It Begins: Vol.3 - Dark Necessities

Posted by Concrete Mind

"Where It Begins" is a short video series featuring Bboy / Breaking / HipHop scene
in our neighborhood. The title "Where It Begins" was chosen based on our brand DNA.
We started from this community by selling some of our first collection to our Bboy Crew members,
friends, family until now and we do our best to give it back and support our community.

Featuring: BBOY Geko from King Smiley Crew / Straight Forward Crew Jakarta

Music: Prop Dylan - Chill & Rap

Click to watch on YouTube:

Prop Dylan - Chill & Rap




The Static Noise: Gold The Ultimate Collection by Scorpions

Posted by Concrete Mind
"Gold: The Ultimate Collection" by Scorpions

Gold: The Ultimate Collection is compilation album by Scorpions released on 1996.
Our favorite track from this album:

1. Still Loving You
2. Under the Same Sun
3. Always Somewhere
4. Send Me An Angel
5. Wind of Change
6. Rock You Like a Hurricane
7. Holiday

Photo by: Concrete Mind